1Monday, 25 Oct 202111.051.8Mild
2Tuesday, 26 Oct 202132.089.6Chilly
3Wednesday, 27 Oct 2021-12.010.4Bracing
4Thursday, 28 Oct 202142.0107.6Chilly
5Friday, 29 Oct 202127.080.6Warm
6Saturday, 30 Oct 20214.039.2Mild
7Sunday, 31 Oct 202151.0123.8Freezing
8Monday, 01 Nov 20213.037.4Mild
9Tuesday, 02 Nov 2021-19.0-2.2Mild
10Wednesday, 03 Nov 202110.050.0Balmy
11Thursday, 04 Nov 202153.0127.4Bracing
12Friday, 05 Nov 2021-7.019.4Scorching
13Saturday, 06 Nov 202134.093.2Sweltering
14Sunday, 07 Nov 2021-19.0-2.2Mild
15Monday, 08 Nov 202152.0125.6Hot
16Tuesday, 09 Nov 202119.066.2Sweltering
17Wednesday, 10 Nov 202130.086.0Freezing
18Thursday, 11 Nov 2021-15.05.0Bracing
19Friday, 12 Nov 202147.0116.6Sweltering
20Saturday, 13 Nov 202141.0105.8Chilly

Telerik UI for Blazor Grid

The Telerik UI for Blazor Data Grid includes a comprehensive set of ready-to-use features covering everything from paging, sorting, filtering, editing, and grouping to row virtualization and accessibility/keyboard support.

This example demonstrates CRUD operations with data from a service. In a real application, you would probably replace the service with something suitable (for example, EF for a server-side app or HTTP endpoints for a WASM app). Depending on how you store the grid data, you may also need to update the view model data - read more about this in the code comments.

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